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The 2100 Balebuster...........Making Cattle Feeding and Erosion Control Faster,
Easier and More Economical THAN EVER!


Exclusive Features Available ONLY on the Haybuster 2100 Balebuster:
 The 2100 Balebuster is three-point
 mounted, making it easy to manoeuvre
 and back into tight places. This semi-
 mounted unit transfers approximately
 55% of the 2100’s operating weight
 directly to the tractor, keeping the weight
 off the Balebuster.
   The patented Shredder Chamber has a 3-
 chain slatted conveyor that provides the
 needed traction to handle all round bales,
 hard or soft core. The chamber is 15%
 larger than previous models, reducing
 spillage and making hay and straw
 placement much easier. It processes hay
 into usable rations, making your hay go
 further and reducing your costs.
   Spreads straw up to 50 feet for excellent
 erosion control. Preventing accelerated
 soil erosion and minimizing sedimentation
 is a primary concern for farmers, making
 the 2100 the perfect solution.

Why a 2100 Balebuster?
Haybuster has been a part of hard working
hay processing equipment for 37 years.
Farmers and ranchers have come to
depend on our durability and performance.
We know that cutting edge technology,
high efficiency, and getting the most value
for every pound you spend are enormous
factors when you purchase farm equipment.
That’s why we put all of those and more into
the 2100 Balebuster.

Here are some of the benifits that make your decision to buy the 2100 balebuster the right one:
 Processing your hay with the 2100 chops
 the forage into selected cut lengths, mixes
 drier outside layers with inner, fresher
 layers, removes dust and moulds, and
 prevents cattle from sorting.....making your
 hay go further.
   The 2100 gives you very good uniformity
 by putting out a consistent windrow,
 ensuring that each animal gets its fair
   Processing your straw with the 2100
 removes most of the twine from the straw,
 saves wear and tear on tractors and loaders,
 keeps your livestock clean and comfortable,
 and allows you to apply bedding when
 needed, instead of just when scheduled.
 The 2100 balebuster is self-loading and
 only requires one person to operate. Its
 heavy-duty caster wheels and very large
 9.5 x 14-8 ply tyres combine to easily
 navigate over boggy ground and rough
   The unit’s heavy-duty offset rotor, flails,
 and reduced flair tip clearance combine to
 throw straw further and process both dry
 and wet bales.

 Just remember...
With Haybuster products, you’re not
 alone. We are available to answer your
 questions and provide parts and service
 support. We also have access to the
 technical support staff at Haybuster.




  Max Bale Size 5½' long x 6½' dia (1.68 x 1.98m)
  Max Bale Weight 1500 lbs (682 kg)
  Rotor Diameter 25' 6" (64.77cm), flails extended
  Rotor Bearings Ball 1¾" (4.44cm)
  Number of Flails 30
  Flail Type HD 7/16" (11.11mm)  thick 3lbs
(1.36kg) heat treated, spring steel
  No of Stripping Plates 1
  Number of Slug Bars 5
  Deflector Shield 6 adj positions through 120° range
  Max Horizontal Spread Up to 50 ft (15.42m)
  Loader 1 set tractor hydraulic outlets
  Bale Conveyor 1 set tractor hydraulic outlets
  Bale Conveyor Speed Adj. hydraulic flow control valve
  Slug Bar Shim adjustable
  Deflector Shield Pos. Hand lever with position settings
  Type Hydraulic with mechanical linkage
  Bale Tines 2, fixed width
  Hydraulic Cylinders (2) 2½" x 16" (6.35 x 40.64cm) dbl/acting
  Horsepower Required 65 to 155 hp
  Three Point Hitch CAT II / III
  Min. Hitch Lift Cap. 4000 lbs (1818kg)
  PTO Type 1000 RPM
  Min. Hydraulic Output 8 gpm at 1800 psi
  Hydraulic Remote 2 double acting control valves
  Min. Tractor Weight => than 2100 with one bale
  Total 3700 lbs (1679 kg)
  Width 8' 5" (2.6m) loader & deflector folded
  Length 12' 9" (4.01m)
  Length 8' 5" (2.6m) caster wheels removed
  Height 6' 5" (1.96m) loader folded
  Width 10' 8" (3.25m)
  Length 12' 9" (4.01m)
  Height 6' 5" (1.96m) loader folded
  With Bale, Width 13' (3.96m)
  Length 12' 9" (4.01m)
  Height 9' 8¾" (3.05m)
  Hitch Semi-mtd, attaches to lower lift links
  Hitch Tyres (2 off) 9.5 x 14 - 8 ply,  wheels 6 x 14
  Bearings Tapered Roller Axle - Caster
  Type 3 roller chains with cross slats
  Drive Hydraulic motor
  Stripper Channel Kit, Quick Tach Category II/III, Wide
  Deflector Belt

Illustrations, specifications and descriptions contained herein were accurate at the time of publication, but are subject to change
without notice.
Illustrations may include optional equipment and accessories and may not include all standard equipment.


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