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Exclusive Features available ONLY on the 2650 BALEBUSTER

Heavy-Duty Flails and High Speed Rotor: The 2650 features an oil bath chain case to reverse the direction of the PTO, increasing the speed and efficiency of the rotor by 20%!

Patented shredder chamber with adjustable slug bars and 3 chain slat conveyor. Combining these features with the heavy duty flails and high speed rotor, the 2650 shredder chamber will process bales in any condition…….wet, frozen, old, new, or with flat bottoms. The conveyor is slanted so it helps feed the hay/straw into the rotor. The adjustable slugbar allows the operator to adjust the length of the cut, even with a bale in the chamber.

Right side discharge. Tractor hydraulic controls are located on the right side, the 2650’s right hand discharge makes it easy to look over your right shoulder and keep your hand on the controls.

Two stage bale loader: The 2650 speeds up the loading process by allowing each bale to be lifted separately without disturbing the other bales. The bale loader also carries a second bale, to increase productivity.


 Haybuster owners tell us they save over
 25% in hay usage when bales are
 processed rather than letting livestock
 pull and sort hay from densely packed
 or frozen, unprocessed bales.

 Processing is a better way of feeding hay
 because it:
 Chops the forages into selected lengths
 Mixes drier, outside layers with fresher,
 inner layers
 Removes dust and moulds
 Makes your hay go further by preventing
 cattle from sorting


 Uniformity is a BIG advantage with the
 2650. From start to finish, the 2650 puts
 out a consistent windrow. This ensures
 that each animal gets its fair share.

 Because the tractor’s console is on the
 right side, it just makes sense to have the
 discharge on the right side too. This gives
 you better visibility of the output and
 reduces fatigue.
 Adjusting the deflector on the 2650 is a one handed operation. The latch requires only
 one hand because the torsion springs support the bulk of the deflector’s weight, allowing
 you to set the deflector to the desired position with very little effort. The optional hydraulic
 deflector allows the operator to set the deflector position directly from the tractor cab.
 The 2650's shredder chamber: is one of the easiest to operate. Just load a bale into the
 shredder chamber and go! Rarely do you have to reverse bale rotation to process a flat
 bottom or loose bale.
 Processes hay into palatable rations, making your hay go further to reduce your costs.
 Has tall sides to reduce spillage, ensuring your hay gets processed completely.
 Offset rotor never allows the bale to be directly on top of the rotor, making slugbar
 adjustments possible with a bale in the chamber.
 The 3-chain slatted conveyor provides needed traction to process round bales, hard or
 soft core, no matter what their condition.

 Heavy Duty Rotor and Heavy Duty 
 Flails process both dry hay and silage
 bales. No special options are needed,
 the 2650 does it from the start.


 The single-point and wrenchless Slugbar
 adjustment provides convenient slugbar
 setting. Now it is easy to set the slugbars
 to match your processing conditions.


 And of course, the 2650 gives you a rotor
 access door, giving you quick and easy
 access to the rotor for routine inspections
 and twine removal.


 The inline PTO driveline offers vibration-
 free turns. The hinged PTO driveline
 shield allows for easy maintenance. The
 rugged Transfer Case reverses rotation
 and speeds up the rotor to improve
 processing in all conditions.




  Max Bale Size 6' long x 6' 6" dia (1.83 x 1.98m)
  Max Bale Weight 2200 lbs (1000kg) each
  Rotor Length 78" (1.98m)
  Rotor Diameter 25" (63.5cm), flails extended
  Rotor Bearing Ball 1¾" (4.44cm)
  Number of Flails 30
  Flail Type HD 7/16" (11.11mm) thick, 3lbs
(1.36kg) heat treated spring steel
  No of Stripper Channels 1
  Number of Slugbars 5
  Slugbar Single point, 5 adj settings, 180° range
  Delivery Right hand discharge
  Deflector 6 adj settings through 120° range
  Max Horiz Spread Straw up to 50ft (15.24m)
  Type Integral 2 stage, twin boom arms
  Bale Tines Tubular steel, 10° float, 4 pos. width
  Hydraulic Cylinder 4½" x 24" (11.43 x 60.96cm) d/acting
  Type 3 roller chains with cross slats
  Drive Hydraulic orbital motor, adjustable
  PTO 65 - 155 hp, 1000 RPM, 1⅜" shaft
  Hydraulic Output 8 gpm at 15000 psi
  Hydraulic Controls 2 double acting valves, quick coupler
  Tractor Weight => 2650 with 2 bales
  Total 4500 lbs (2041kg)
  Tongue 1300 lbs (589.7kg), bale loader raised
  TRANSPORT DIMENSIONS (bale ldr raised, deflector folded)
  Width 8' 4" (2.52m)
  Length 14' 11" (4.55m)
  Height 11' (3.35m)
  WORKING DIMENSIONS (1 bale, deflector in spread pos.)
  Width 10' 10" (3.31m)
  Length 14' 11" (4.55m)
  Height 11' (3.35m)
  WORKING DIMENSIONS (2 bales, deflector in spread pos.)
  Width 10' 10" (3.31m)
  Length 19' 7" (5.95m)
  Height 11' (3.35m)
  Towing Arrangement Clevis type hitch
  Jack Capacity 5000 lbs (2273 kg)
  Jack Travel 10" (25.4cm)
  Tyres (2 off) 12.5L x 15 - 8 ply
  Wheels (2 off) 10 x 15 - 6 bolt, drop centre
  Bearing Type Tapered roller
  Loader Tractor double acting
  Bale Conveyor Tractor double acting hydraulic valve
  Bale Conveyor Speed Control valve
  Slugbar Hand lever with 5 settings
  Deflector Hand lever with 6 settings

Illustrations, specifications and descriptions contained herein were accurate at the time of publication, but are subject to change
without notice.
Illustrations may include optional equipment and accessories and may not include all standard equipment.


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