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[ stationary electric tilt tub grinder ]
For over forty years Haybuster has been the leader in tub grinder technology! Increasing energy
costs have our customers asking for alternative ways to power their grinders. We are pleased to
offer the NEW stationary H-1130 Electric tilt tub grinder as the answer to our customer demands.

The 300Hp (223.8kw) 3-phase soft start electric motor provides clean and endless power to the
H-1130's 50" hammermill and 11' tilt tub.
  • 300hp (223.8 kw) three phase soft start motor for primary drive, 10hp (7.46 kw) three phase motor for hydraulics (tub, tilt and conveyor lift).
  • All new design to meet the demands of today's successful farmers, ranchers and feedlots!
  • High capacity PTO grinder handles round or large square bales, loose hay and grinds grains.
  • Heavy duty hammermill with 1/2" (1.27cm) mill plates and hammers.
  • 40% more discharge space under screen area than previous models for more volume.
  • New twin 12" (30.48cm) x 4' 6" (1.37m) dual belly augers for faster discharge.
  • 90 degree tub tilt for easy access to the hammermill for service and maintenance.
  • 24" (60.69cm) wide and 26' (7.92m) long hydraulic folding stacking conveyor.

  The Big Bite 50” (127cm) heavy duty hammermill is standard equipment and has been moved to the rear of the tub to reduce the length of the belly discharge and accelerate product removal. It operates at 2300rpm (40% faster than previous models) and is constructed with 88 - ½” (1.27 cm) swinging hammers. The hammers have four hardened working edges that can be rotated to provide a new grinding edge. They are held in place with 1¼" (3.18cm) case-hardened hammer rods. The mill plates are ½" (1.27cm) thick and 16" (40.64cm) in diameter. The hammermill is mounted on a 3½" (8.98cm) stress-proof shaft supported by 3¼" (8.21cm) bearings. During operation the swinging hammers extend to a full 26” (66.04 cm).
The belt drive system for the hammermill has been redesigned with 8 - 5 VP belts to handle the increased rotor speed, increased horsepower capacity and to allow for changing of belts without removing the bull gear. The spring tension belt drive automatically adjusts belt tension as the belts stretch. Spring tension adjustments can be made through the side access door.
  The heavy duty bolt-in mill grate/slug bar combination is designed to allow the operator to change the number of mill grate bars and slug bars as grinding conditions change. Simply take off or add as necessary. A geyser plate can be added to prevent product from being tossed straight up and out of the tub.
The dual 12” (30.48 cm) x 4’ 6” (1.37 m) belly augers are suspended by two heavy-duty
bearings and are located at the base of the newly-designed screen area. The short dual-
augers allow for a sealed under screen discharge area. The larger discharge area also
provides for higher capacities and reduces the possibility for plugging.
  The large H-1130 Big Bite Tub is constructed of a 10-gauge steel floor and a 12-gauge steel side wall. The width of the tub is 11’ 3” (3.43 m) at the flare, 8’ 11” (2.72 m) at the base and is 50” (127 cm) deep. With this large tub the H-1130 has the capacity to handle the largest round and square bales as well as loose hay.
The DuraTech electronic governor is the reason for a smooth productive machine. This
governor maintains a constant load on the tractor and driveline by adjusting the tub's rpm
which controls the feed rate of the material to the hammermill.
  The tub drive has continuous teeth around the tub and dual spring tensioners to keep the chain tight. Power is provided by a single hydraulic motor controlled by the electronic governor.
The H-1130’s tub opens a full 90 degrees for easy access to the hammermill and drive train
for daily maintenance and easy screen changing.
  The hydraulic folding 24” (60.96 cm) wide by 26’ (7.92m) long high-capacity stacking conveyor is designed for the increased capacity of the H-1130. A rubber-lagged drive pulley along with Haybuster’s “Easy Clean” idler pulley to power the belt. 1½“ (3.81 cm) high cleats help haul the ground product away at a high rate without slowing down, even when the hammermill is overloaded. The ground product can be piled up to 18’ 6” (5.64 m) high with the conveyor.
High-capacity grain grinding is another important operation that the H-1130 can also
accomplish. By removing the mill grate/slug bar, placing the optional grain-grinding hopper
over the hammermill opening and changing screens, the H-1130 becomes a high capacity
grain grinder for grinding and/or cracking feed grains.
  A soft start panel provides for "soft" start-up for the main drive 300hp (23.8 kw) motor. The 10hp (7.46 kw) motor that drives the hydraulics is a direct line start. Electric motors are available in 460 volt - 60Hz, 380 volt - 50Hz, 380 volt - 60Hz and 575 volt - 60Hz. All require three-phase power. Please check with your power supplier for the proper power requirements for your area before ordering.





  Length 50" (127cm)
  Diameter 26" (66.04cm), Hammers Extended
  Feed Opening 28½" x 52" (72.4 x 132.08cm)
  Hammers ½" (1.27cm) AR-Hardened Steel,
  Number of Hammers 88 (4 wear sides)
  Rods 1¼" (3.18cm) Case Hardened Steel
  Cylinder Plates ½" (1.27cm) thick by 16" (40.64cm)
  Cylinder Shaft 3½" (8.89cm) Stress Proof Steel
  Bearings 3¼" (8.21cm) Pillow Block
  Drive 1000 RPM Through Sheaves and
8 - 5VP V-Belts.
  Rotor Speed 2300 RPM
  Screen Area 2781 Sq. In. (7063.75 Sq. Cm.)
  Screen Thickness ¼" (.635cm)
  Screen Hole Diameter ⅛" (.317cm) to 8" (20.32cm)
  Tub Features
  Tub Width at Flare 11' 4" (3.45m)
  Loading Height 9' 2" (2.79m)
  Depth 50" (127cm)
  Diameter at Base (ID) 8' 11" (2.72cm)
  Tub Wall Thickness 12 gauge (2.66mm)
  Tub Floor Thickness 10 gauge (3.42mm)
  Drive Mechanism Electro/Hydraulic - Continuous
  Speed Control DuraTech RCB93 Electronic Governor
  Hydraulic Oil Capacity 60 US Gallons (227.12 ltr)
  Service Access Tub Hydraulically Tilts 90 degrees /
Side Access for Belt Tightening and
  Belly Augers
  Type Twin 12" (30.48cm)
  Length 4' 6" (1.37m)
  Support 2 Support Bearings per Auger
  Discharge Conveyor
  Type Rubber belt with 1½" (3.81cm)  cleats
  Drive Hydraulic
  Drive & Idler Pulleys Rubber Lagged Drive, "Easy Clean"
  Length 26' (7.92m)
  Width 24" (60.69cm)
  Max Height 18' 6" (5.64m) @ 40 Degree Incline
Conveyor Lift and Fold Hydraulic
  Operator Controls
  Tub Rotation 3 Position Hydraulic Valve: Clockwise,
Stop, Counter Clockwise
  Tub Speed DuraTech RCB93 electronic governor
  Conveyor Lift & Fold Hydraulic Valves
  Tub Tilt Hydraulic Valve
  Weight 20,500 lbs (9298 kg)
  Hitch (conveyor folded) 4700 lbs (2131.88 kg)
  Shipping Dimensions
  Width 11' 4" (3.45m)
  Length 24' 11" (7.59m)
  Height 10' 7" (3.2m)
  Transport Dimensions
  Width 11' 4" (3.45m)
  Length 24' 11" (7.59m)
  Height 10' 7" (3.2m)
  Electric Motor Specifications
  UK Specifications 300 HP (223.8kW) / 10 HP (7.48kw)
380V 50Hz Three Phase Power Reqd.
(other motors available)
Mill Grate/Slug Bar Combination, Geyser Plate, Grain Grinding
Hopper, Ear Corn Kit
Grinding Screen Sizes:
Round screen hole sizes (dia) from ⅛" to 8" (.317 to 20.32cm)
Rectangular screen sizes from 3½" x 7½" to 9" x 7½"
(8.89cm x 19.05cm to 22.86cm x 19.05cm)

Illustrations, specifications and descriptions contained herein were accurate at the time of publication, but are subject to change
without notice.
Illustrations may include optional equipment and accessories and may not include all standard equipment.


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