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Branch Logger


This brand new machine is carried on the rear three-point tractor hitch. Propulsion is provided through a universal joint with an overload clutch, protecting both the tractor and the machine. When running the branch chipper, knives cut the log and the chips fall into a prepared bag deployed on the attachment below the chipper housing. After filling the first bag, pulling a lever diverts the chips into another empty bag. In the course of filling the second bag, the operator can replace the full bag with another empty one, and so on.
The chipper is equipped with a draw bar for connecting a trailer which you load-up with full bags. The bags are 57 x 104cm in size and can be reused. The TR70 comes with 40 free bags and further supplies, in packs of 100, are available from Welmac UK. These aerated bags are easy to handle, easy to stack and ideal for storing and drying your log chips.


The chipper hopper consists of fixed and hinged parts and it folds for easy transportation. When the hopper is folded, the width is less than that of the tractor for easy manoeuvring in forested areas. In the working position, the hopper provides for easy management of branches and operator safety. Having a horizontal feed, long branches are easily inserted.
The minimum recommended tractor power is 25hp. The maximum diameter of the branches depends on the power of the tractor and the hardness of the wood. Several thin branches can be inserted together. The machine is finished in Komaxit powder paints.
This machine has patented cutting technology.  Welmac UK are the sole importers for the UK and Ireland.
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 Dimensions in transport position (L x W x H) mm  1280 x 1500 x 1560
 Dimensions in working position (L x W x H) mm  1060 x 1980 x 1370
 Hopper inlet mm   630 x 630
 Weight kg   210
 Max speed of universal joint rpm   540
 Number of chipper knives     6
 Efficiency     Approx 20 bags per hour (depending on supply of
  branches and number of operators)
 Length of chips cm   6 - 13 (not adjustable in 9cm diameter)
 Max diameter of branches input with 25hp tractor mm   hardwood (oak): 50, softwood (spruce, pine): 60
 Max diameter of branches input with 50hp tractor mm   Hardwood: 60, softwood: 75
 Weight of one bag of chips kg   Approx 25 - 30

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